XERIC© Ambassador Program

XERIC© Xeriscape Education, Resource and Idea Corps Volunteer Ambassador Program

How to Get a Free XERIC© Design Consultation

The Water District’s XERIC© Ambassadors are volunteers who are ready and able to help you redesign your landscape to make it more water-friendly. Discover how colorful, lush and fragrant your garden can be using desert-friendly plants and techniques – all with a minimum investment of maintenance, time and expense. Our ambassadors are familiar with:

  • Turf removal methods
  • Water-wise plants
  • Irrigation options
  • IWV-appropriate soil amendments
  • Windbreaks
  • Landscaping features, including yard art, dry stream beds, etc.
  • Local and Internet water-friendly resources for plants, outdoor furniture, outdoor artists, garden designs, irrigation supplies, etc.

To schedule your FREE personal one-hour consultation, or for more information, please fill out this online form or call Rose at (760) 384-5502.

Become a XERIC© Ambassador

The Indian Wells Valley Water District is proud to sponsor the Xeriscape Education, Resource and Idea Corps (XERIC©). This program is a Water District community outreach program for all IWV residents. XERIC© consists of a network of educated and trained community-based ambassadors whose mission is to support water conservation by promoting attractive, interesting, colorful and lush drought-resistant landscape as well as helping to address related issues in established water-wise gardens.

Although XERIC© ambassadors are ultimately responsible to the Water District’s chief financial officer, they may work with many different people, agencies, and vendors. As an ambassador, you will help promote the desirability of desert- friendly landscape by providing information, guidance, and resource lists. You also may be called upon to assist in planning or hosting workshops for youth, school, and community groups as well as other clubs and/or organizations.

Because the XERIC© program is flexible, you may choose to work on one particular event or on a year-round basis. We are looking for people who are interested in the following:

  • answering customer gardening questions
  • assisting with customer landscape issues
  • developing strategies for customers to transition their landscapes into more water-friendly designs
  • organizing informational events to share this information with the public
  • assisting with XERIC©’s administrative tasks

Since XERIC© is looking for people possessing a variety of skills and talents, volunteers of all kinds are welcome! Prior knowledge of water conservation, landscape or gardening is not as vital as the desire to help. XERIC© meetings are held at the IWVWD office, or other locations as announced. If you would like to join our team, learn more about this program, or find out about future XERIC© meetings, please call the Water District at 760-384-5502.

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