The District’s administrative functions such as supervision of administrative staff, human resources, and Board of Director meetings are handled by General Manager.  Contact via email at:

  • General Manager: Don Zdeba, 760-384-5555
  • Administrative Assistant: Lauren Smith,  760-384-5502
  • Executive Secretary: Amber Chapin, 760-384-5511
  • SCADA/IT Systems Administrator: Christopher Camp, 760-384-5519


The Finance Department is headed by the chief financial officer and is responsible for customer service, field service, accounting, purchasing and conservation.  The Finance Department is responsible for all financial matters and activities for the District including accounting, budgeting, accounts payable and receivable, investments, payroll, purchasing, financial analysis, and financial reporting.

The customer service and field service portion of the Finance Department handles the day-to-day affairs for the customers of the IWVWD. This includes billing, meter reading, new service applications, customer complaints, payment processing, collections, and conservation matters.

  • Chief Financial Officer: Tyrell Staheli, 760-384-5515  
  • Accountant:  Diana Nguyen,  760-384-5514
  • Customer Service Supervisor: Burnadette McCullough, 760-384-5501
  • Field Service Supervisor: Joe Rivera, 760-384-5523
  • Warehouse Administrator:  Robert Renfroe, 760-384-5526


The District’s Operations department includes responsibilities for maintenance/repair of pipelines and appurtenances and operations of all pumping plants and arsenic removal facilities. Daily responsibilities are leak repairs, valve turning, flushing of dead-end pipelines, monitoring of all pumping and water storage facilities via the SCADA system, monitoring removal of arsenic at two treatment plants, and handling various types of customer complaints.

  • Operations Manager:  Jason Lillion, 760-384-5525
  • Water Supply Supervisor:  Ken Silliman,  760-384-5524
  • Maintenance/Repair/Construction Supervisor: John Svika,  760-384-5527


The Engineering department is responsible for engineering planning and design, operational studies, right-of-way acquisitions, contract and construction management, field inspections of construction projects, water quality reporting and analysis, and all phases of District capital projects.  

  • Chief Engineer: Renee Morquecho, 760-384-5520
  • Associate Engineer: Justin Thompson, 760-384-5528