Committee Assignments & Schedule

Administration/Executive Committee (Griffin/Saint-Amand)

Personnel, legal matters, General Plan, community relations, Board Meeting agendas, ordinances, rules, regulations, policies, procedures, customer service, variances, Director’s Manual, etc.

Finance Committee (Boyd/Rajtora)

Rates, cost-of-service, budget, audits, cost allocation, investments, financial services, insurance, loans/grants, Water Sales & Service Policy Manual, accounting, assessment districts, billing, etc.

Water Management Committee (Rajtora/Saint-Amand)

Groundwater Sustainability Act, Indian Wells Valley Groundwater Authority, Water Management, water policy, water quality, conservation, Urban Water Management Plan, California Urban Water Conservation Council, Title 22 compliance, Alternative sources for water supply including Blending, Importation, Reuse, etc.

Plant and Equipment Committee (Boyd/Cordell)

Transmission/distribution system, vehicles and equipment, wells, reservoirs, real property management, telemetry, etc.

Scheduled Committee Meetings

This schedule is subject to change. Committee Meeting agendas are now posted on this website and can be viewed any time. Committee Meeting agendas are also posted in the display case located to the left of the main entrance of the Indian Wells Valley Water District Office at 500 W. Ridgecrest Blvd., Ridgecrest.