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Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

What is the automated metering infrastructure (AMI) program?

Automated metering infrastructure (“AMI”) technology is essentially a digital meter register  that records usage minute by minute, and the information is electronically transmitted to the IWVWD.  In addition to automated leak detection, the primary benefits of AMI include reduced staff time needed to read meters and therefore, more staff time to conduct meter-box maintenance and repair and assist customers with water audits.  Automated leak detection is critical to the District’s mission to save water and avoid unexpectedly high water bills for customers by early detection of unnecessary water loss such as from running toilets, incorrectly programmed sprinkler systems and broken pipes.


Do I have to participate in the automated metering infrastructure (AMI) program?

Some IWVWD customers have expressed concerns about AMI safety* and privacy, so the District is offering the AMI Opt-Out Program. The AMI Opt-Out Program is available to any customer who chooses not to have an AMI meter installed or maintained at their home or place of business.  Any customer may opt-out. However, the request must be made in writing by the IWVWD customer of record.  Family members, neighbors, or landlords cannot act on behalf of another customer.  

Customers can opt-out of the AMI program by submitting an opt-out form to the IWVWD District Office.

AMI Opt-Out Policy and Application 

The current cost to opt-out of the AMI program is $25.00 per month. This monthly fee covers the costs to manually read your meter and manually input reads into the billing system on a monthly basis.  The monthly fee will be reviewed during the cost of service process and modified as necessary to ensure the fee is adequate to cover costs.  Customers may only opt-out or convert back to an AMI meter one time per service address per calendar year. If a customer elects to convert back to the AMI program, he/she will be charged the cost of the analog register, installation time, materials and a 15% administrative fee.  Quotes are available upon request.  Opt-out customers will not be eligible for the IWVWD Unanticipated Use Claim program.

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