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Locate Your Water Shutoff Valve

Most houses, apartments, condominiums, and businesses have a water shutoff valve, commonly referred to as a master valve or house valve, that turns water off throughout your home or business. In the case of a water line break, whether it is caused by a natural disaster or damaged line, everyone should know where their master valve or house valve is located in the case of an emergency. You can’t afford to waste time searching for a shutoff valve when water is gushing and causing damage to your home.

There are two valves located inside your meter box. The valve closest to the street is the District’s valve for District use only. The valve closest to the house is the customer valve. Your water meter has a customer valve located on the customer side of the meter, whereas the shutoff or master valve is a part of your private plumbing and should not be confused with the customer valve located at your meter. The most likely location for your house shutoff valve is either at a hose bib in the front or side of your house where the water supply enters your home or in the garage.

When you think you might have located the valve, try a simple test to make sure you’ve got the correct valve. If you are unable to turn the valve, do not force it. Call a plumber to assist you. If you are able to turn the valve, close it and check the faucets inside to see if the water has been turned off. If you rent, ask your landlord where the valve is located.  Do not try this test if you are in a multi-unit complex. You might accidentally turn off your neighbor’s water.  Once you have found the right valve, mark it with a tag and let everyone in your home know where it is located. Make the tag easy to see in case of an emergency.

If you have an emergency and cannot turn your water off, please call us at 760-375-5086. A District employee will respond to assist you.