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How to Read Your Water Meter

How to read your water meter

The District uses automated metering infrastructure (AMI) style of meters.

Water meters are inside rectangular plastic, concrete, or steel boxes, flush with the ground, and are usually located near a roadway curb or sidewalk near the residence’s property line. Be careful when opening the lid as there may be spiders, snakes, scorpions, bees, or other bugs inside.



Below is a picture of an AMI register. Read the first four digits from the left.

May contain: computer hardware, electronics, and hardware

This meter reads 0036, which is 36 hundred cubic feet (HCF). Each HCF equals 748 gallons. Your meter is read and you are billed in HCF, however, the usage on your bill has been converted to gallons, too. If the last reading was 30, your usage would be calculated as follows: 36- 30 = 6 HCF, or 6 x 748 = 4,488 gallons.