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WaterSmart Program

Indian Valley Wells Water District's (IVWWD) new WaterSmart platform provides customers with access to detailed information regarding their household water usage.

  • Benefits of WaterSmart – How does this benefit the customers?
    • Compare usage to similar households
    • Get notifications of leaks and unplanned usage
    • Receive ideas for indoor/outdoor usage and saving money
    • Help understand your water bill
    • Track annual usage and compare to the current year

This accessibility to information became available following the installation of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) water meters throughout our service area. These "smart" meters embody the latest proven technology in water metering, enabling nearly real-time water usage data. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is required to sign up for WaterSmart?
    • You will need your customer account number.
    • Where can I find my customer account number?
      • Your customer account number can be found on your bill.
    • Additionally, you will need:
      • Zip code
      • Email Address
  2. What features does the WaterSmart program offer?
    • WaterSmart provides several valuable features, including:
      • Insight into your water usage patterns.
      • Personalized recommendations for effective water conservation.
      • Prompt identification of abnormal water use to save both water and money.
  3. My bill shows usage in gallons, but WaterSmart shows it in HCF. What's the difference?
    • Indian Valley Wells Water District (IVWWD) bills in Hundred Cubic Feet (HCF), where 1 HCF equals 748 gallons.
  4. Can I customize my communication preferences with WaterSmart?
    • Absolutely! The Communication preferences are entirely customizable. You can:
      • Receive notifications if you exceed your personalized daily consumption threshold.
      • Customize the types of notifications you receive, including urgent alerts, service alerts, or upcoming high bill alerts.