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NO-DES System

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In April of 2017 the Indian Wells Valley Water District, with financial assistance from a grant provided by the Environmental Protection Agency, the Clean Water State Revolving Fund, and the State Water Resources Control Board, implemented a flushing program utilizing the NO-DES flushing and filtration system.  The company NO-DES (Neutral Output-Discharge Elimination System) has introduced technology for flushing system pipelines and keeping the water contained within the system, resulting in no loss of potable water.  The system works by connecting the truck or trailer-mounted filter system from hydrant to hydrant.  The operator can then close valves as necessary to allow for unidirectional flushing of the main pipe line.  The water is filtered through bag filters and re-chlorinated before being pumped back into the system through another hydrant.  The implementation of the NO-DES flushing system has enhanced the District’s water conservation efforts, thereby improving its ability to provide a safe, reliable, and sustainable water supply to its customers.  In the first year of operation the system saved over 3 million gallons of water for the District, its customers, and ultimately the basin.

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For more information about the NO-DES System, you can check out the PDF below, or the NO-DES website at



If you are interested in seeing the system in action, you may contact our Operations Manager :