New 1MG Reservoir 2022
New Pumping Plant 2021
New Pumping Plant Building 2021
Initial Construction of New Pumping Plant Building 2020
Drilling a new well (2017).
Well Repair (2017)
2016-17 Installation of Solar Facilities at Five Well Sites
Kendall Avenue 16" Replacement Pipeline (2015)
Ridgecrest Blvd Replacement Pipeline (2014)
Construction of welded steel storage tank (2011).
Construction of 2 million gallon welded steel storage tank (2007).


The Engineering Department is responsible for engineering planning and operational studies, engineering design, right-of-way acquisitions, contract administration and construction management, field inspections of construction projects, preparation of grant applications, water quality reporting and analysis, and all phases of District capital projects.

The following documents will assist developers, homeowners, and their engineers when new water facilities must be designed according to District standards.  Please contact us with any questions.

Chief Engineer:  Dr. Renee Morquecho, Ph.D., P.E. or 760-384-5520

Associate Engineer:  Justin Thompson, or 760-384-5528